Mustafa al-Baaby al-Halaby

Qamus Idris al-Marbawi Arab-Melayu


Qamus Idris al-Marbawi (The dictionary of Idris al-Marbawi Arabic-Malay) was written by Sheikh Muhammad Idris 'Abd ar-Rauf al-Marbawi. It started as a collective effort amongst friends but it became Sheikh's individual project when the rest had to pull out citing various reasons. This dictionary is considered as one of the most essential works in Nusantara then as it served the needs of the students who required a source of reference to understand Arabic words better. In Cairo itself, this dictionary had been reprinted a total of 24 times. 

Published by: Mustafa al-Baaby al-Halaby (Mesir, 1945)

Condition: 7/10

Type: Hardback (2 volumes)

First volume: 18000 arabic-malay words, 700 of these are shown with pictures
Second volume: 18000 arabic-malay words, 500 of these are shown with pictures 


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