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Styles of Jawi Scripts of the Early Malay Manuscripts


Author: Fadzillah Binti A. Rahim

Pages: xii, 125

Type: Paperback 

As the title suggests, this book looks into ten randomly chosen Malay manuscripts from the 16th-20th century and unravels the generic writing style that had influenced the early writers of the Malay world. This book specifically focus on the manuscripts written after the coming of Islam, in Jawi. Research proves that the Jawi alphabets axhibits from foreign influences. Due to the cultural exchange and trade in the Malay Archipelago, research also found that there were some foreign influences in the styles of writing as well. Thuluth, Naskh, Muhaqqaq, Rayhani, Farisi and Riqa'ah were the styles listed found influencing the early Malay manuscripts. However, the writer managed to discover the main style that was influencing most of the early Malay manuscripts.

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