Penerbit UKM

The Hadiths As A Tool For Religious, Political & Social Teaching In The Malay Peninsula


Author: Latifah Abdul Majid 

Pages: 174

Type: Paperback

This book presents an investigation on al-Marbawi and Tuan Husayn in disseminating Hadith teaching in the Malay Peninsula. Special attention is given to their techniques of writing Hadith in order to facilitate a better understanding of the Hadith for the Malay readers and their connections with the chains of teachers including leading Islamic scholars in the Middle East. Also, the book demonstrates al-Marbawi and Tuan Husayn's deep condemnation during the ideology movement held by the Kaum Muda and the Kaum Tua. These two great scholars were independent authorities who saw responding to existing problems as their mission in order to uphold the truth as received directly from Allah SWT through the Prophet SAW. In the light of their strong influence upon such esteemed Hadith scholars such as al-Bukhari, al-Tirmidhi and al-Qastalani, it is argued that the writings of al-Marbawi and Husayn are crucial to the purity of fundamental Islamic principles, hence have a vital role as transmitters of authoritative Hadith teachings to the Malay community in the Malay world.

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